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Oal contacptivs (bith contol pills) You doctmay pscib a dint om bith contol you.

Allgic actions. Symptoms can includ: lu-lik symptoms, such as v and body achs painul d pupl ash that spads blists that could lad tskin bakdown Diaha that lasts at you stop taking th dug. Symptoms can includ: diaha with without stomach camps diaha with a v.

Ampicillin is a smi-synthtic divativ pnicillin that Order avalide dose unctions as an oally activ boad-spctum antibiotic.

Sizus hav bn potd in patints with high sum concntations ampicillin, although ths patints w othwis vy ill. High cbal spinal luid (CS) lvls som pnicillins a known tb potntially nuotoxic, and th CS concntations ampicillin is signiicantly in mningitis.

Th combination ampicillin and sulbactam injction is usd ttat ctain inctions causd by bactia, including inctions th skin, mal poductiv ogans, and abdomn (stomach aa). Ampicillin is in a class mdications calld pnicillin-lik antibiotics. It woks by stopping th gowth bactia. Sulbactam is in a class mdications calld bta-lactamas inhibitos. It woks by pvnting bactia om dstoying ampicillin.

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